Nicolás Escalante

Full stack developer

About me

Hi there!

I'm Nicolás Escalante, a developer from Argentina. I've been working on software development since the year 2008, across a variety of languages and platforms, in lots of different projects.

Active and self-taught person, researcher and curious spirit, football player, Racing Club fan.

Ambition to make things awesome, not just good enough. Positive attitude and desire to work with great people. Strong knowledge in web applications with great user experience. Lately working most with Javascript using modular techniques.

I like to collaborate to the development community, both pushing code to my GitHub account (like this site, for example), or solving people questions through my Stack Overflow account.

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I spend my free time reading development books and learning on my own. I like to improve on the things I really love. I also attend to conferences whenever I can.

I'm also part of the staff of NodeSchool, where we meet developers, and we help them to solve a handful of workshops related to Node, Javascript and many other interesting stuff.

Professional experience

I made my first steps as a developer in 2008, into Ingemática, where I develop differente websites through ASP.NET Web Forms.

Two years later, I continue improving my web development skills into bvision. I worked here into many projects for important clients like Disney and Iron Mountain.

I switch to Huenei late in 2012, where I worked for a public purchases platform called I did there my first project with the MVC paradigm (through ASP.NET MVC).

Late in 2012, I continued my career into Lagash, where I develop web applications with rich client side interaction. I worked here for important clients like Tenaris and Fox.

Nowadays, I am working in MuleSoft, using a large list of open source software such as Node.js and PostgreSQL.

You can see more details from my professional experience both on LinkedIn and on StackOverflow Careers.

Contact me

Email me to, or find me on Twitter. I'll be happy to talk with you.

Thanks for stalking me!